From the 7th of November to the 4th of January 2015
  • Dirk Braeckman - Courtesy of Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

  • Martin Argyroglo / LE BAL

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Dirk Braeckman – Courtesy of Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp 

  • Martin Argyroglo / LE BAL

  • Z.D.-L.O.-97, 1997

    Dirk Braeckman – Courtesy of Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp 

  • Martin Argyroglo / LE BAL

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Martin Argyroglo / LE BAL

  • Martin Argyroglo / LE BAL

  • Martin Argyroglo / LE BAL

  • Martin Argyroglo

LE BAL  presents the first major exhibition in France of Dirk Braeckman, a foremost figure in contemporary Flemish photography.

"At first view, Dirk Braeckman makes photographs in the simplest possible way: he doesn't go in search of remarkable subjects or extraordinary places but photographs whatever happens to be there, using a 35mm camera, often from a frontal perspective and at eye level. Yet his images, which have little narrative content or story-telling value, are never a direct representation of reality.

Dirk Braeckman selects, rejects, distorts and sculpts everything he sees. And suddenly nothing is as it seems. Bathroom tiles, the corner of a bed, a strip of wallpaper, the most mundane object comes alive, fills space, becomes palpable. A satin bed sheet glows, a Formica tabletop exults.

The heightened sensuality of this inert world ties in with the tactile quality of the print itself, further heightened by the use of matt paper and extreme refinement in the shades of grey. Many shades of grey. Pearl grey, coal grey, silver grey, lizard grey, platinum grey, phoenix grey, slate grey, Lisbon grey, clock grey, moon grey… the infinite palette of a single colour."
Diane Dufour


Born in 1958, Eeklo (Belgium), Dirk Braeckman lives and works in Gent (Belgium). He chooses subjects of abandoned spaces and deserted rooms, often indoors, body parts, surfaces of desks, walls, beds, textile, and indistinct surfaces from which he discloses the sensuality. 
Fragments are enlarged and take up the dimension of an all-embracing still life. By direct attention for the detail and the indistinct and vague contours, he aims at catching a pure and essential, universal and anonymous image. 
The pictures are diaphanous yet suggestive: one recognizes a personal narrative behind the large, unframed, black and white, but mainly grey photos.

"Photography is, for me, an almost obsessive attempt to scan, in my own way, everything around me, everything I meet, driven by the desire to give order to chaos. With or without a camera." DB

The book Dirk Braeckman - Sisyphus is co-published by LE BAL and Xavier Barral Éditions to coincide with the exhibition.
Sisyphus book gathers for the first time in it's full frame pages, the eponymous serie of Dirk Braeckmans work in a 32 pages edition. The series reveal a blurred scene, where fragments of bodies, legs, arms, backs and faces come closer to one another, merge behind this grey tones without any specific purpose. The serie  made from anonymous gestures brings to the surface of images the delight of a mixtures of bodies, vignettes of gatherings with no particular story.


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Talk with Dirk Braeckman

Saturday 15 November 2014 at 11:30AM


Talks and events at LE BAL

From 13 to 16 November 2014


Film cycle around Dirk Braeckman

From 18 November to 16 December 2014

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