Edition & Surveillance

Meeting & signing
Saturday January 14, 2018 - 4 PM

Esther Hovers / False Positives

How the photographers currently question the surveillance and networks through the book ? Esther Hovers, Klara Kallström, Thobias Fäldt and Thomas Albdorf will discuss by video conference of their last works False Positives, Wikiland 2 and General View. The photographer Thomas Mailaender will sign Parental Advisory.

Horaires de présentation :

4 PM : Signatures avec Thomas Mailaender and Esther Hovers
5 PM : Presentation of Falses Positives by Esther Hovers
5:30 PM : Presentation by videoconference of General View by Thomas Albdorf.
6 PM : Presentation by videoconference of Wikiland 2 by Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt

False Positives by the dutch photographer Esther Hovers questions the new systems of intelligent surveillance : cameras capable of spotting deviant behaviours in public space. But who defines the criterias of a "prescriptive" behavior ? The book, published in 2017 at FW:Books presents this issue through 8 "anomalies" in this images of the public space. The book presentation will be followed by a signing.

Wikiland 2 by photographers Thobias Fäldt and Klara Källström (B-B-B Books) is the second part of their project about Julian Assange which they will present in a videoconference.

The austrian photographer Thomas Albdorf will introduce General View his last book published with Skinnerboox. It questions the proliferation of image in the digital era and the evolution of our experiences and social patterns as a consequence.

Thomas Mailaender will sign Parental Advisory (Rvb Books), sixth part in the set of notebook dedicated to the amateurs practices he found on Internet. This last part gathers a set of tragi-comic situations staging the familial universe and dangerously confronting parents and children.

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