Film series
Wednesday 17 January - 8 pm

Black Code

Courtesy Spectre productions et Louis Henderson

Our journeys, purchases, opinions and relationships generate data that is likely to be saved and sold. As we throw off space-time limitations to satisfy our desires, what freedoms are we sacrificing on the altar of security and consumption?


Trust, Jill Magid, United Kingdom, 2004, 18’, no subtitles
Catalogue, Chris Oakley, 2004, 5’30, silent
Black Code, Louis Henderson, 2015, 21’, French subtitles, Spectre productions[1]
Facial Weaponization Suite, Zach Blas, United States, 2014, 8’10’’, French subtitles
Thought Broadcasting, Nick Jordan, United Kingdom, 2017, 19’, no subtitles

Proposed by Christine Vidal, co-director of BAL

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Special thinks to Mélanie Pavy et Francesca Veneziano


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