Radial Grammar

To accompany the exhibition at LE BAL, Roma Publications and LE BAL have co-published Radial Grammar, a work designed by the dutch artist Batia Suter. 

Acclaimed internationally for her previous artist’s books (Parallel Encyclopedia I published in 2007 and Surface Series published in 2011), Batia Suter was nominated this year for the Deutsche Börse Prize for her book Parallel Encyclopedia II (2016).

In Radial Grammar, the images from her own collection of books and magazines, from life sciences to the history of art, all connect with each other in the heart of the book. Everyday objects, scientific symbols, prints of plants and animals, reproductions of works of art...this immersive torrent of images takes us on an iconographic journey of radial images. There is no apparent logic, structure or order and so instantaneously bewilderment emerges like an appeal. An appeal to all our previous knowledge evoked by images, a complex system of associations and references linked to form and meaning which are simultaneously called forth and played out.

Batia Suter returns here to her favourite subject: the modern condition of the image, the meaning of which is enhanced, contaminated and turned on its head through the dialogue established with a multitude of other images. Through the fundamental awe these visual chain reactions provoke, Batia Suter convinces us once more of the active force of images.

Radial Grammar, Batia Suter from LE BAL on Vimeo.


Intended and designed by Batia Suter and Roger Willems
Text by Henri Michaux, L’espace du dedans, 1945
Published by Roma Publications, Amsterdam and LE BAL, Paris


22.5 x 30 cm
296 pages
French / English



BATIA SUTER - Radial Grammar

May 25 - August 26, 2018

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