Concert by Borja Flames, Éloïse Decazes & Éric Chenaux

Nacer Blanco
Friday February 19, 2016 - 8 PM

Ile de Minorque, d'après Piri Reis, 2016

Courtesy Darryl Norsen

At the invitation of independent music programmer Maxime Guitton, are gathered Borja Flames on the occasion of its new solo album release Nacer Blanco (Le Saule) and Éloïse Decazes & Éric Chenaux (Okraïna) duo. 

Between Moondog and Arthur Russell, jazz and caribean music, ethnic and blues music, Borja Flames conceive musical poetry. During prime time, Éloïse Decazes and Éric Chenaux will mix vocals and guitar.




Practical info

Fare : 9€
Information and reservation :
Pass Noémie Goudal : 18 euros
(unlimited access to the exhibition and to the BAL LAB except concerts)



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